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Hello and thank you for visiting our page. We are a family run business based in Langford, Bedfordshire, and this is me - Catherine!


We decided to start 'LETTERS OF LOVE' following our own wedding in 2015. Whilst planning our big day, I asked my then-fiance Rob (a carpenter by trade) to make a simple light up plaque with the word LOVE on it to jazz up a plain wall at the venue. His reply when I showed him the Pinterest post behind my idea? "I'll do better than that", but true to form he would not share with me his idea (this often frustrates me as I am a huge control freak but on this occasion I'll let him off!) The first I knew of what he was making was via a text I received one evening while he was at 'work'. The image was of a huge 4ft letter "E" and although we didn't know it then, LETTERS OF LOVE was born!

We placed the LOVE signs beside the dancefloor at our wedding reception and they absolutely made the room! The venue initially said no to them being used as they were alongside a fire exit, but when we explained that they were battery operated we were given the go-ahead. Hooray! Following the wedding we had offers from the venue and a wedding planner to buy them from us, but they had come from such a personal place and we loved them so much that we decided instead to start supplying them to like-minded couples. They look so fabulous and we think no wedding is complete without them.

Early in 2018 I decided to reinvent the signs by adding silk flowers to them to make them even more stunning and to enable people to personalise them using their wedding colours. I am SO happy with them and am now on a mission to spread the floral love far and wide!

Please do contact me if you have any queries whatsoever, I can't wait to speak to you and help you make your special day even more amazing!

Lots of LOVE,

Catherine x

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